I’m on tumblr and I’m commenting about how I don’t care about the Superbowl like the special snowflake I am.

I’m running out of ways to express my disgust.

Does anyone on this fucking site know how to make a proper gif?

If you have a quote written on a half-second gif, what is the point? Use a goddamn still picture. It’s just as expressive.

Hawaii has passed marriage equality. Pass it on.

Someone start a Tumblr fight with me. I’m bored.

State of Music

"Blurred Lines" is far too catchy for its own good.

"Applause" would fall out of the Lady Gaga machine if it was set to "average."

"Get Lucky" is everything Daft Punk deserves.


My mom said if this post gets 100,000,000 notes she will finally start identifying me and accepting me as who I am and will legally change my name.

Please you guys, ever since I was a small child I’ve had trouble identifying with my given name, since I cannot associate with the demure role my…


Today I get to play a wonderful game called “Watch Tumblr get angry about improper pronouns instead of the fact that someone got 35 years in jail for exposing war crimes.”

I don’t usually make sweeping generalizations about a group, but faith healers are like the worst group of people on the face of the planet. True scumbags.







sometimes i wonder what sort of thing josh peck owes the demon he made a deal with

can I get the name of this demon?

How about this guy just busted his ass, working out?

you know, you might be right. maybe josh peck did not literally make a deal with a demon in order to become an attractive man. i don’t know what i was thinking. your explanation makes much more sense and i appreciate it.

And maybe he’s attractive in both pictures.

maybe. ive learned a lot of things this past year thanks to this post

Money can give a lot of things to a person. Weight loss is one of them. Acting ability is not.